Day look or evening look? Reinvent yourself on every occasion with Bonita Colored Contact Lenses

November 06, 2018

Bonita coloured contact lenses, established in the United Arab Emirates, is the newest game changer in the field of contact lenses. 

These lenses are made to fit anyone!

Putting your comfort as a top priority, BONITA lenses are tailored to fit seamlessly with little chance of dislodging the lens, making you feel like you aren’t wearing any. 

Made with Hydrogel Terpolymer material, BONITA coloured contact lenses are soft and flexible, allowing them to conform to the shape of the cornea, and letting the lens return to its normal shape even after folding it. Moreover, the ‘Sandwich’ printing technology gives you ultimate comfort while wearing the lenses – without sacrificing visual acuity – and complete ease when removing them.

BONITA’s diverse collection of captivating colours ranging from the most natural looking shades to the dramatically extravagant will brilliantly camouflage dark coloured eyes, transforming their hue and tone in a realistic manner, giving you natural looking eyes that dazzle. Colours that awaken your eyes and highlight your charm, they’re sure to bring attention to your eyes. Whether you’re seeking a subtle or dramatic change in eye colour.

It’s simply a great way to accessorize! Look confidently beautiful and accentuate your gorgeous eyes with BONITA. 


BONITA’s colour collection brings you the staple colours of every season suitable for every occasion. They’re the chic and simple statement of the modern era.

It offers a range of beautiful shades designed to give you a unique look with each pair. From delicate and subtle patterns, to bold and striking colours, BONITA ‘s multi-toned lenses will go well and enhance any look.

The collection is composed of an array of hazels, grays, blues, and greens, which spans from cool to warm tones that give you a variety of choices to go with your unique style and preference. From fresh and bright lenses that can bring out more of your charm through your eyes, to stylish and sensuous ones that expresses the fierce and bold go-getter in you.

Express yourself and capture people’s gaze through your charm and beauty with BONITA coloured contact lenses. Because beautiful eyes are never silent!

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