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European brand Suitsupply has created an entirely new market in men’s fashion, setting itself apart from other boutique retailers with its expertly crafted garments and its dedication to personal tailoring. Their modern styling and insistence on using only the finest fabrics, coupled with unbeatable in-store service and an attainable price bracket, is a fresh approach that has earned the brand widespread accolades from the likes of GQ, Esquire, and, perhaps most notably, a Wall Street Journal blind test that ranked a $600 Suitsupply suit in a first-place tie with a $3,600 Armani. In an industry where conformity is standard, where fast fashion dominates, and craftsmanship is fast disappearing, Suitsupply's unconventional approach to its products, tailoring, marketing and stores can be summed up with their mantra, "Don't just fit in, find your own perfect fit."

Since its founding in 2000 as a vertically integrated, direct-to-consumer brand, Suitsupply has worked with only the finest Italian mills from the famed weaving region of Biella, maintaining strict control of every aspect of its image and product. From design, to marketing, to complete oversight of their production facilities, everything is done in-house, by teams and individuals with a thorough knowledge of the brand’s outside-the-box ethos. Suitsupply’s top-to-bottom approach has created a product of uncompromising quality while cutting out costly middlemen in a successful effort to remain accessible. 

 “Tailoring always feels very established. We have a more unsystematic approach to it,” says CEO and founder Fokke de Jong. This free-spirited direction is made obvious by its choice of store locations. Suitsupply tends to put emphasis on destination retail, often converting unique spaces into their instantly-recognizable stores. “We are hardly ever between all the other fashion brands,” says de Jong. “We convert interesting spaces like old mansions, a penthouse office or a big Soho loft into a comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients.” This approach not only helps keep overhead down, but also gives the brand an air of exclusivity. This inventive strategy has served Suitsupply well, proven by the brand’s consistent 20% year-over-year growth. Despite choosing nontraditional locations, clients flock to Suitsupply because they know that they will find a welcoming space with a premium product.

Suitsupply was started in Amsterdam in 2000 and, over the course of 18 years, has grown to more than 100 stores in Europe, North America, and Asia, in cities such as Milan, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto, Shanghai, Singapore and Dubai. The company is privately held, and, in addition to their brick-and-mortar shops, holds a very strong e-commerce presence, allowing them to bring that same high-quality tailoring and personal service to customers around the world.

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