Enjoy a perfect mix influenced by Bosnian, Turkish, and Arabic traditions

October 11, 2017

At Aghaty café, which means love, we have always been passionate about connecting our customers with handcrafted and authentic coffee. We blend the best unique styles of coffee and food influenced by Bosnian, Turkish, and Arabic culture to deliver something new and different to the GCC. We are keen to bring the best of the Balkan peninsula and Arabic flavors to Dubai as it continues bringing more of the world into its diverse city. Good coffee has become much more popular in the UAE, and we want to make sure that all travelers and those just passing by come and enjoy more than just a decent coffee. Aghaty’s prime location, adjacent to one of the oldest olive trees in the world, is the perfect pit stop to relax and grab a bite or sit and enjoy a cup of Aromatic afternoon tea. Our unforgettable flavors, simple aesthetic, and welcoming atmosphere has become a habitual stop for Outlet village visitors.

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