East meets west at the stylish Awani, which serves up a melting pot of flavours from the Levant with a creative culinary twist. Shoppers at The Outlet Village in Dubai can dine in style at this contemporary restaurant, where expert chefs prepare a mouthwatering fusion of authentic yet modern Levantine food.

Awani blends the tastes of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean and northeastern Africa with a serving of Arabic hospitality. Diners are taken on a culinary journey across the Levantine region as they sample dishes that are prepared using traditional cooking methods and local ingredients.
The creative menu at Awani starts with lentil or pumpkin soup, and a choice of rocca, Armenian or Lebanese shankleesh salads. Perfect for sharing with friends, there is a huge selection of hot and cold mezze that caters to both local and international palates.
There’s a plain or spicy hummus and beetroot or courgette mutabbal, which are perfect for dunking Arabic bread into. Hot mezze includes the famous Armenian eetch dish, a tempting choice of chicken fatteh, freekeh bil fakhar, almond halloumi, and eggplant and beef sajiyyeh – to name just a few!
Leave room for the main course, where you can order shish tawooq, chicken shawarma, mixed grill, fried and chargrilled fish, or a choice of veal, lamb and chicken kebabs and kaftas. Traditional Middle Eastern desserts such as hallawet awani and a fresh cream othmaliya (made with special kunafa dough) provide a sweet ending to any meal at Awani.

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